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The begining

Hello everyone!

This is my first post, if you want to know who are you readind please visit Profile ^_^

I´ve been wanting to write since monday I think, but I didn’t had the time, I´m so busy right now (like always ^_^U). On Monday I had an entrance examination to study Fashion Desing and I passed it!! o(^o^)9 I´m happy but a little worried ´cause I don´t know how I´ll make studies+work (=o=).

This week it´s very important to me because I´ve started a wonderful work, a videogame *(^o^)* it´s an eroge, maybe some ppl who know would be impressed ’cause I don´t use to draw adult images, it´s because I’m saving all my ero-ero powers lol. The only thing I can say about the game now is that it has tropical settings, lately I´ve been a little obsessed with tropical themes, like the one of the header, i think I want holidays so madly lol.

And last (but not least ^-^) I leave a screenshot about whar I´m doing now (lots of works… and many more I have to do ^o^U) there you can see the illust I´ve used as header (it´s not finished yet) and the other ones are an sketch and the begining of an lineart ^_^.

works!click to enlarge