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A new love eclipse the previous ones / About tracing and copying


=_= I wanted to write before, I had somethings to write about but in the end I always end up thinking they´re not interesting at all and let them pass by, I think I´m not used to talk about my daily thoughts ^_^”’ but I´ll try ^o^!!

This time is not like I have something interesting to write about, but I missed writting here xD

First, recently I wrote an entry in my Deviant art journal about my new loves of the summer (you can read it here) I was surprised because they were male characters but…but I have anew one now that eclipses the others and it’s a girl (how surprising =o=”) the time of male charas passed away, it was short but refreshing xDD.

I want to introduce you the girl I fall in love with, but many of you sure know her….IBUKI FUUKO!!! (*-*)


Douzo!!! (*o* I love you Fuu-chan!!)

Image from:

She is from Clannad, it´s not a new anime but I couldn’t watch it till now, It’s a beutiful story, I absolutely recomend this anime everyone.

One of the reasons that makes Fuuko so adorable it’s her seiyuu Ai Nonaka, she makes a wonderful job and without her I´m sure Fuuko will be the half of moe she is.

On a side note, I want to make reference to a new I found at Sankaku Complex about tracing and copying in Japan ->here

I have to admit that I thought those things didn’t happen in Japan so it was kind of surprising, anyway I´m sure they are more common in occident because a day after another I hear about friends how they find ppl who steal, trace or copy their art (U_U) but I think is important to set the difference betwen copying/tracing and referencing. At the end of the article of Sankaku Complex there are a few links with examples (please visit them for more info), I will post two to explain my point of view:



Is this copying? I´d say no because it is a very common way to portrait a character.

Tracing U_U

Tracing U_U

This….this is tracing very clearly, you can see.

What´s the point of doing these things? I totally aprove the use of references, I often use them for backgrounds or complex body position but never copy them, I look at my references and try to draw what I want, not copying allows me to introduce some variations and make things in my own style, it´s sure is harder than just copy but you can learn a lot too because your brain,eyes and hand work toguether to analise the original image and then trying to do something resemblant, and when you finish the drawing … tatatatantantaaantaantataaan (with Final Fantasy end of a battle music) Level Up!!! ^o^.

My advice for everyone who is starting to draw and feel the temptation to copy (to claim the pic as his/herself) or trace is, if you really love drawing, If you really want to improve and become a good artist please don´t do it, and think not only in you but in the person who made the original piece, didn´t he or she deserve respect? Sure he/she worked harder to do that drawing.

[Edit] I must add something to my advice to make things more clear, as Kitsune has commented in this entry, copy an artwork can be very helpful to improve I think is good as long as you don´t claim it as yours and don´t publish it, only keep it for yourself as a practice (the same as that huge pile of sketches never seen that everyone who draws have ^_^), please read her comment for a better explanation than mine.

What do you think? and even more important… do you love Fuu-chan too? xDDD