Work: “Mahou Shoujo Honyarara Reina”

I’ve decided to start to post some info about my works since they seem to take up all my time lately.

This time I’m introducing you a manga in which I’m working on now: “Mahou Shoujo Honyarara Reina”

Mahou Shoujo Honyarara Reina manga cover

Mahou Shoujo Honyarara Reina manga cover

click to enlarge

It’s a slice-of-life story that portraits the daily life of some schoolgirls far away of being common: magical girls, witches, androids… and a crossdresing boy.

All begins in first day of class with Ana and Jose as new students and then Reina comes to her class too.

manga sample page

manga sample page

click to enlarge

It´s a yon-koma manga (four panels comic)

The story is based in a light novel I also ilustrated published by a japanese circle (group of ppl who make doujin) called Raten Shoin formed by my japanese editor and me.

We sell in events and in Toranoana shops (online too).

Now let me introduce you the characters (^-^)b

character sheet 1

character sheet 1

click to enlarge

Kimuraya Reina: a very happy girl who is the main heroine, she acts very childish sometimes to hide that she is very mature for her age.

Cojagula Ana: she is from a mexican family that went to Japan, she have the role of main heroine too. She is very serious and sometimes acts a bit unkind. She is a “bizarre” girl but hides it very well.

Rizal Jose: he is Ana´s servant, a cute and smart boy who dresses like a girl to be with Ana in her new school.

Azuma Koyomi: she is the teacher of fine arts. She tries to act like a very kind woman but the truth is that she easily goes mad.

character sheet 2

character sheet 2

click to enlarge

Kaga Yûka: the teacher in charge of Ana’s class, she acts in a very cool way like she cares about nothing.

Ninomiya Natsumi: a shy girl very interesd in abnormal people or things that is always disappointed because all seems to be very common.

Fujishiro Momo: a cute girl who likes cute things.

Tachibana Ichigo: she has a strong and sharp character, sometimes she is very cynical.

About the release; we planned at first to have it for Comike but it was impossible so it comes out later and we planned that it can be fine if we just sell it at Toranoana online.

When I know the date of release I will update with the info (^-^)

I hope you enjoyed my explanation and if you want you can leave your impressions, it would be very helpfull. Thank you! o(^o^)9

Other projects I´m working on and I will explain in other entries are:

-Artbook: collection of some of my pictures (without title yet)

-Collection of Postcards and goodies to sell at MangaCon

-Doujinsoft Eroge (not much to say because we just started it)

-Some stories for contest

Thank you for reading! (^-^)


4 Responses to “Work: “Mahou Shoujo Honyarara Reina””

  1. 1 Chris Moran August 18, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. 2 Kitsune August 18, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Some very cute characters you created there 🙂

    I wish you luck with drawing that manga 🙂

  3. 3 chocomonster August 19, 2008 at 8:16 am

    wowowowo!!!!! si que has montado todo nien!! hahahhaha!
    asiq ue sera en plan douing!? 😀
    mla!! ostras ostras! ya hay hanas de ver mas! :^P

  4. 4 ayachyuu September 7, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Kitsune, thank you very much and sorry for taking so long to answer ^___^

    Choco muchas gracias!! a ver si pongo algo más por ahora estoy todavia en ello y va bastante lento, el proceso es asi mas o menos: hacer boceto de pag > enviar y esperar confirmacion > si hay fallo arreglarlo > hacer pagina definitiva > enviar y esperar confirmacion > si hay fallo arreglaro xDDDDD pero bueno se aprende muchas cositas en el camino ^o^ (siento haber tardado tanto en responder ^__^U)

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