A new love eclipse the previous ones / About tracing and copying


=_= I wanted to write before, I had somethings to write about but in the end I always end up thinking they´re not interesting at all and let them pass by, I think I´m not used to talk about my daily thoughts ^_^”’ but I´ll try ^o^!!

This time is not like I have something interesting to write about, but I missed writting here xD

First, recently I wrote an entry in my Deviant art journal about my new loves of the summer (you can read it here) I was surprised because they were male characters but…but I have anew one now that eclipses the others and it’s a girl (how surprising =o=”) the time of male charas passed away, it was short but refreshing xDD.

I want to introduce you the girl I fall in love with, but many of you sure know her….IBUKI FUUKO!!! (*-*)


Douzo!!! (*o* I love you Fuu-chan!!)

Image from: http://www.emagi.co.uk/2007/12/01/clannad-fuuko-arc-ep-4-9/

She is from Clannad, it´s not a new anime but I couldn’t watch it till now, It’s a beutiful story, I absolutely recomend this anime everyone.

One of the reasons that makes Fuuko so adorable it’s her seiyuu Ai Nonaka, she makes a wonderful job and without her I´m sure Fuuko will be the half of moe she is.

On a side note, I want to make reference to a new I found at Sankaku Complex about tracing and copying in Japan ->here

I have to admit that I thought those things didn’t happen in Japan so it was kind of surprising, anyway I´m sure they are more common in occident because a day after another I hear about friends how they find ppl who steal, trace or copy their art (U_U) but I think is important to set the difference betwen copying/tracing and referencing. At the end of the article of Sankaku Complex there are a few links with examples (please visit them for more info), I will post two to explain my point of view:



Is this copying? I´d say no because it is a very common way to portrait a character.

Tracing U_U

Tracing U_U

This….this is tracing very clearly, you can see.

What´s the point of doing these things? I totally aprove the use of references, I often use them for backgrounds or complex body position but never copy them, I look at my references and try to draw what I want, not copying allows me to introduce some variations and make things in my own style, it´s sure is harder than just copy but you can learn a lot too because your brain,eyes and hand work toguether to analise the original image and then trying to do something resemblant, and when you finish the drawing … tatatatantantaaantaantataaan (with Final Fantasy end of a battle music) Level Up!!! ^o^.

My advice for everyone who is starting to draw and feel the temptation to copy (to claim the pic as his/herself) or trace is, if you really love drawing, If you really want to improve and become a good artist please don´t do it, and think not only in you but in the person who made the original piece, didn´t he or she deserve respect? Sure he/she worked harder to do that drawing.

[Edit] I must add something to my advice to make things more clear, as Kitsune has commented in this entry, copy an artwork can be very helpful to improve I think is good as long as you don´t claim it as yours and don´t publish it, only keep it for yourself as a practice (the same as that huge pile of sketches never seen that everyone who draws have ^_^), please read her comment for a better explanation than mine.

What do you think? and even more important… do you love Fuu-chan too? xDDD


4 Responses to “A new love eclipse the previous ones / About tracing and copying”

  1. 1 Kitsune July 13, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    If you want to draw a fan art of your favorite character, referencing is appropriate because you want to make sure your work does resemble the original in some way. However, it would be best to draw the character you like in some new pose and environment, adding your own style and interpreting that character in your own way.

    Nonetheless, straight coping of art you enjoy can be helpful in understanding the author of that work. It can also reveal something about yourself because you might miss some details or add extra ones unconsciously. Moreover, you’ll notice the aspects of your technique that need improvement. Of course one should not publish and sell that copied work, but the process in itself has benefits.

  2. 2 ayachyuu July 13, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    Thank you for giving your point of view, you´re very right I think I will edit my post because I was refering copying is bad when you say that the drawing is yours or something, if it´s only practice and you don’t publish that drawing it can be a good way to improve ^___^

    When it comes to fanart, referencing is a must (unless you have memorized the chara xD)and I prefer when someone makes a fanart with her own style rather than trying to imitate the style of character, I found it more funny, but like almost everything refering to drawing it depends on your taste ^____^

    I´m going to edit my entry now, than you very much m(._.)m

  3. 3 chocomonster July 14, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    I agree she’s so cute!! hahahhah
    btw, well, i agree in all that you talk about. you can use reference, anyway, pleaseeee, don’t take as a reference another draw, always REALITY is better!! a pic, a video, there are lot of ways to find a pose, but not from a draw, because lot of draws has a bad construction www
    anyway, copy for practice and try to do it look the same way, it’s nice too, but I agree you can’t upload it anywhere as YOUR work… that can be kinda weird, but as fanart maybe, but oh please, change it a few! hahahha!
    I saw all your links to copy people, there is one that talk about boobs copy, well, but it’s a same character copy.. OH MY… THAT’S REALLY EXAGERATED! XDDDD how they dare to do that? orz
    but the one you posted… awwww, but they’re really different! :s I can’t really understand why they tried so hard on show that’s a copy, I still think it isn not… maybe same perspective pose, but.. it’s easy to do this same part… :s there’s not a lot more left, don’t you think? XDDDDDD
    ah…. people is always with same things… as atzur always do thinking all draws are copy from Kamikazefactory.. huh…. =_=’

    y ahora viene cuando digo.. porque he escrito el tochaco en inglish que ni se entiende?
    hahha bueeee, da igual! 😀
    huhuhuuh besitos! 😛

  4. 4 tflops August 3, 2008 at 3:24 am

    Keep it up, and by the way, I like the way you drew your header. I don’t actually like Fuu-chan but I like the seiyuu ^^;

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